As detailed in respective Pro Board® and IFSAC documentation, accredited entities such as JIBC must meet stringent and comprehensive criteria. Many of these criteria are designed to assist entities in ensuring that student evaluation policies, procedures and guidelines are valid, reliable and consistently applied. It is important for JIBC evaluators to have a solid understanding of relevant JIBC policy, procedures and FSD Accreditation Operational Guidelines.

“As a post‐secondary institution in the province of British Columbia, JIBC has enacted several academic policies to ensure that teaching activities maintain high standards and that students’ learning is evaluated fairly and consistently. JIBC expects faculty and student to be familiar with these policies, which set out their rights and their responsibilities in the learning environment.”

There are a number of JIBC organizational policies that impact our evaluators and of which you need to be particularly aware. These include:

Student Code of Conduct

Accommodation of Disabilities

Academic Policies & Procedures

Accreditation Operational Guidelines