If you are currently conducting evaluations on behalf of the FSD, your evaluation will consist of cognitive assessment only. You will be required to write the same 40-question multiple-choice written exam and score a minimum of 75%. Your exam will be timed and proctored. If required and your grade is above 50% on your first attempt, you will be granted one re-write opportunity. If you are unsuccessful, in achieving 50% on your first attempt or 75% on your second attempt, you will be required to wait two weeks before re-taking the course and re-attempting your evaluation(s).

While there will be no requirement for you to conduct a proctored, assessed practical skills evaluation, remember that the FSD reserves the right to audit any JIBC evaluations conducted anywhere at any time. The FSD also aims to provide you with meaningful, guided opportunities for you to enhance your evaluative skill set through future workshops and training refreshers.