Get Certified

Now that you have read the course content, the next step to serving as an evaluator for the Fire & Safety Division is to complete a proctored 40-question multiple choice exam.

Submit your application and supporting documents to be accepted as a JIBC Certified Evaluator.

Step 1 – Complete the Application Form

  • In order to complete the application:
    1. Use your computer. The form may not open on mobile devices (iPads, tablets, mobile phones).
    2. Make sure you have Adobe Reader DC (or higher) already installed on your computer. If not, download Adobe Reader DC for free. Adobe has help for solving common issues.
    3. You must save the file on your computer in a place you can remember.
    4. Open the file on your computer using Adobe Reader DC (or higher).
    5. Complete the application and then save the form to your computer.
    6. Attach the form to an email and email to:
  • Download and save the Evaluator Application Form.

Step 2

  • Attach supporting documents to the application
    • New Evaluators
      • CV or Resume showing proof of Fire Service experience (min. of 5 years) and Subject Matter Expertise (to at least a level higher than you are applying to evaluate)
      • Proof of NFPA 1041 Fire Service Instructor I
      • Proof of a minimum of 3 years teaching or instructional experience
      • Letter of support and reference from your fire department
    • Re-certification for Current Evaluators (every 3 years)
      • Evaluators are required to perform a minimum of four (4) documented evaluations/year
      • Evaluators should keep a log or documentation of evaluations performed, as proof may be required for re-certification

Step 3

  • Submit your application with supporting evidence

Step 4

  • Application will be reviewed by the JIBC FSD staff
  • Once accepted, JIBC FSD staff will notify you about the registration and exam process.
  • Your exam will be scheduled and the assigned proctor will be sent the exam access information and proctor agreement for online exam.

Step 5

  • Complete online exam. You will need a minimum passing grade of 75% in order to be certified.

Step 6

  • JIBC FSD staff will add you to the JIBC Certified Evaluator Registry
  • JIBC FSD Program Manager/Coordinator will contact you with information about evaluations for the area you are certified

Step 7

  • Congratulations! You are now a JIBC Certified Evaluator
  • Remember to re-certify in three (3) years!